Frequently Asked Questions

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What distinguishes a bank account from a KalletPay Fintech Digital Wallet?

A bank account is a financial account held at a traditional financial institution, such as a bank or credit union, that allows customers to deposit and withdraw money, write checks, and perform other financial transactions. In contrast, a KalletPay Fintech Digital Wallet is a type of digital account that allows users to store and manage their funds electronically, usually through a mobile app or online platform. KalletPay is a Fintech Digital Wallet and not a bank. We partner with finanacial insttitutions who have the proper licences, that are FDIC, NDIC members, and have the PCI DSS compliance and other necessary financial licences.

How is my money protected?

We keep your funds in reputable financial institutions, keeping them apart from our own accounts and out of our partners' reach during regular company operations.

Are money transfer through your platform safe?

Yes! We are always working to secure your money and account from even the most sophisticated fraud.

Are my data protected?

We are dedicated to protecting your personal information and we're open about how we gather, use, and store it.

What IDs can I signup with on KalletPay?

We've made it easy to signup with your local identity cards, driver's license or international passports. To avoid impersonation and to keep you secure, it's crucial to sign up using your ID.

What are your exchange rates?

Our goal is to provide the most equitable exchange rates. The exchange rates are always somewhat less favourable than those in the market at the moment you buy or sell foreign currency using your local currency.

How many virtual cards can I create and what are the charges?

You cannot create multiple virtual cards per account. While the charge includes - Charge Per Transaction : 0 USD, Minimum Funding : 5 USD, Card Creation : 2 USD, Card Funding : 1 USD, Monnthly Maintenance Fee : 3 USD

Do these cards work with Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and other services?

Yes, they are functional everywhere except on pornographic and illicit activity websites.

What more can I do if my attempt to make a payment on a website failed?

Make sure your card has been funded first. They carry out a short-term test transaction that necessitates loading the card with money when adding a card to Paypal or other platforms. If the website allows PayPal, try using that instead; it almost always works. Please follow or copy this link (https://kazzylens.com/paypal) to add your KalletPay USD Virtual Card to Paypal.

Which countries are allowed to withdraw money directly to their bank account using KalletPay?

Currently, money can be withdraw from your KalletPay wallet directly to your bank account and PayPal to countries listed under KalletPay cashout. But we are working on including other countries to be able to withdraw direct to their bank account.

What is the withdrawal fee?

We charge a fixed fee of $2 plus 2% at the time of withdrawal. This is deducted from your KalletPay wallet. Please be aware that this is subject to change at anytime without notice.

Chargeback & Dispute?

Please double-check the website or online platform you plan to use KalletPay's virtual dollar card on. We would not be held accountable and we do not process chargeback or disputes. if doing so is likely to put KalletPay, our partners, other customers of KalletPay, other parties, or oneself at danger of complaints, disputes, reversals, chargebacks, or other liabilities (directly or indirectly). Please take notice.